June 13, 2007


Oceans Thirteen beckoned us on Saturday-night show and my mother was not interested despite my rapturous descriptions of the gorgeous George Clooney and the pleasing Mr Pitt. So left Anush home with her.

Navy and I went for the movies. It was good "us time" I must admit. The movie was good as per me and very useless as per Navy.

We were on the Besant Nagar Elliots beach on Sunday and what a spectacular display of fireworks!! A mind-blowing ten minutes non stop - celebrating Radio One's 150 days and possibly Suchi joining them?

Went and indulged myself and amma ( and vicariously myself) at Fab India- though there is a predictability about their stuff, i find it really good. Anush kept going to the mirror and saying pretty!! She wanted to try on the outfits i chose for myself and said remove and tried to squirm out of her dress.

And yes, I also had Tibbs Frankie after a long time at Spencers

At home in Mumbai I found the picture on this post, when I was a little short of 2 years. Any resemblance to Anush?

Today i got back from Mumbai (another overnight trip) and Anush welcomed me with "supe chinger" instead of the usual shaka laka boom. My mother explained it was " Super Singer"- as you can see the entire family is hooked onto Indian Idol / Vijay Super Singer Junior

Then she was humming to herself C forcock, c forchalk
So i said A for ? And she promptly said Amma!


itchingtowrite said...

So left Anush home with her and Navy and I went for the movies.
for once i thought u meant u left anush home with amma & navy
. u went alone for the movie i thought!!!

where s the pic

artnavy said...

forgot the comma

Lavs said...

Any resemblance?Anush resembles you so much..the eyes and lips have been dna xeroxed!!!

A Little Light said...

nice pic!loved the last line :)

the mad momma said...

that child is a spitting image of you... you must be thrilled.. i am !

namvor said...

'a for amma'! :)

your kid looks soo much like you! neither of mine look like me and are perfect copies of the hubby :( :)

Anonymous said...

Is it Elliads beach ? For all this while I thought it was Elliots !

artnavy said...

tnx all. that felt good.

anon- need to look that up- now i am confused as well

Sunita said...

Hey, I didnot read that line about it being your pic and I assumed it was all the digital b&w effect. And I am not kidding :).

Tharini said...

Gosh I love Fab India. Shopped like crazy there the last time. My only gripe is that the stuff fades and looked old so quickly.

artnavy said...

sunita - yeah sure i believe u

tharini- i agree they reallybleed colour

teh salt in cold water dip is really humbug