June 27, 2007


If there was one thing you could change about this blog it would be .....
The look
The content ( I am an adult i can take it)
Nothing ( Oh Thank you and lots of love)
Everything ( Then why do you come here?)
Any other... then pl comment
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The Kid said...

I commented "other". I want you to post more pictures, and not in the sidebar where it is temporary but in the main body of the blog.

namvor said...

more muthu please!

Alan said...

I voted "Nothing", but I'll have to agree with "the kid"; pictures are always nice. Perhaps include some of the adults in the family :)

Alan said...

Art, Itchy, and Lavs:

This is off topic but I didn�t see an email address on your profiles. I see from Google News India that my old ship the USS Nimitz is scheduled to make a port call in Chennai, accompanied by a lot of brouhahah. Perhaps a blog post on the ship�s visit from a local point of view would make interesting reading. I would find it interesting at least.

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

I too voted nothing. Yes I agree with the kid. more pictures of Anush please in the main page rather on the sidebar or have a link to all her photos, may be

artnavy said...

Alan- Check this out

Do you recollect my failure to see Gotheborg the last significant ship to come over to Chennai??

artnavy said...

kid and Kowsalya- will try and put a link to the pics

namvor- muthu will happen shortly

Just like that said...

voted for nothing.
Do I get a chocolate for being so nice? :-)
Or better still, can you toddler-sit Sonny boy for the weekend?

artnavy said...

would love to toddler sit even if u had not been so nice

only next weekend not this one

Tharini said...

Hey Art, perhaps u are in the process of uploading your banner. An early review....love it! Very very classy, different and artsyish. Its not aligned yet at this point...and if there's one thing I wud change...it wud be to make the title a bit more prominent...right now it seems to be blending with the black and white stripes.

Sue said...

I voted for the look, but only because your header pic keeps going out of the screen.

Can't complain about the content. :)

Alan said...

Hi Art - I do recall your lamenting over the Gotheborg. Thirty years ago they would give tours of the ship, even in foreign countries. Times have changed a lot, so that practice may have been abandoned. But, if you get a chance, grab it. It's arguably the most impressive ship on the high seas.

artnavy said...

tharini- thanks! means a lot coming from you- yes WIP- any clue?
how to align it to make it fit without compressing it too much?

And how to discard the original template header but retain all the other features of the template?

sue- am trying but am unable to get it to fit- any tips?

alan- I am sure. I will keep trying.

artnavy said...

ok so that was a nice pat on the back by and large in terms of the poll scores