May 14, 2007

Extended Weekend

Woman power- Mayawati won hands down
Enchanted by some of the junior singers on Vijay TV
Envied Navy for his trip to Fort Malabar ( a Heritage Hotel in Cochin)

Kudos to Anushka who can sing sa-re-ga-ma in tune
Enjoyed mangoes as you can see from the post below
No-do not watch Tara rum pum - I wished I had not
Dayanidi Maran was ousted


Orchid said...

You know I am going to watch it anyway!! :( and vow Anushka!

SS said...

Hi, I wished I hadn't seen Tara Rum Pum either .. :)

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

That was a nice thoughtful listing.

Poppins said...

Nice !

Sunita said...

I will ditch the movie. I am looking forward to chinni kam. Joyce too loves mangoes.

itchingtowrite said...

cute pic of anush..

artnavy said...

tnx all

orchid- well there is some bit of eye candy in saif- so i guess it is ok