May 16, 2007

Anush turns adult!!

She is 21 today- 21 months.

So what is new:
She does not mind being with kids her age, without us around
She can occupy herself without any help for at least half an hour
She identifies a lot of pictures by their name
She sings the first few notes of her lullaby when she is ready to sleep
She fears only earrings and squirrels now- the former I can understand, the latter I have no clue why
She can kill flies with her bare hands ( she did it twice at my friend's place)
She continues to like veggies and fruits with mango, taadgola ( palm fruit?) and oranges topping the list
She has a thirst for Minute Maid and has graduated to a glass with a straw, from a sipper ( she never used a bottle anyway)
When you say "DONT" she completes it saying " touch" ( guarantee of compliance though)
When she knows she has annoyed us, she comes and hugs and says " I love you" and expects you to forgive immediately

She surely has a vote- in what she eats, when she ( and we) sleep, what she wears, when she needs an outing and how we live.

After the next 3 months, I will no longer be keeping track of her monthly birthdays. It will be only annual celebrations then. Enjoy the attention baby.


itchingtowrite said...

makkhi maara?? ha ha..
so sweet of her to say I love you. and lovely pic.. polka dots my fav

artnavy said...

tnx itchy
and tnx again

Poppins said...

She looks really cute, Congrats on her turning adult :) Nice post.

artnavy said...

tnx poppins

SM said...

Polka dots look great on Anushka. And she has a lovely smile.
Kills flies with bare!!Some coordination that!
Congrats in her turning 21 months. Soon you'll be posting about her 21st birthday, "oh she drives the boys crazy!"

artnavy said...

hahah sm....on an even lighter note my friend has booked anush for her son( who is barely 3yrs old) !!after seeign this picture !!

Sunita said...

Makhi maara!! Wow!! That surely is speed and co-ordination. She says "i love you", so sweet. I wonder if mine will :) (a little slow on the vocab)?

noon said...

She looks very cute - has a lovely smile! Wow - she can sing the notes of her lullaby already at just 21m! Amazing! She is gonna be good at music!

artnavy said...

sunita- of course joyce will and very soon

noon- tnx- only the opening line though- i do hope she will be good at music- but u never know!:-)

her latest song is "a b c pretty pretty"

Orchid said...

and soon it will be time for an "itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini" :)...
and yes, I would've say she is picking up on basic survivale skills...go Anushka!

Lavs said...

Anush has amazing expressions...she is a natural model!

artnavy said...

orchid- tell me about it and BTW i love that song

lavs-maybe i am an ace cameraperson....:-)

Lavs said...

I would give it to both the ladies.