April 09, 2007

An update

Visited GRT's new showroom and got Ansuhka's ears pierced with a gun shot. No problems so far and it was done well too. Took her to the play area they have in the premises to distract her immediately after. A truly well thought out plan this new showroom has. (We had had her ears pierced traditionally with the aachari during her star first bday in blore but it was off the mark and also there was some infection. So we let it heal and close.)

Celebrated Navy's birthday in big style- Tag Heur watch, Polaroid sun glasses, tonnes of outfits and RK Narayan. Last year he was on an official cruise and Anushka and me sent him a cake there. This year it was fun to have him around.

Anushka has learnt to do namaskaram and does it 3-4 times in a row- true blood Iyengar girl she is turning out to be.

Her thaatha and my paati were in town and she is a huge Thaatha fan- wanting him to see all her antics and following him everywhere.

Took a great photo of four generations this weekend- from my paati to Anushka.

Saw In pursuit of Happyness and Little Miss Sunshine- both gorgeous feel good movies with lovely little kids who are not over the top like the KKHT types.

Incredible- I saw Kapil Dev in flesh and blood and did not take an autograph or pose for a photo- such self control on my part I must say.

I really wish to spend more time on the blog and most importantly visit all of you but am facing a time crunch. Will remedy this in a week or so.


apu said...

I remember that bday ! Hw soon time goes by !

And - Navy is one lucky guy - pls make sure you tell him i said that heh heh :))

artnavy said...

thanks for that one commnet- else i would have had no comments on this post!! :-)

and yes i will tell navy