March 23, 2007

I hate being last.

The last in a queue implies you get the left overs at the buffet or worse still you have to forgo some dishes completely.

Who has heard of the last bird getting the worm. Luckily I do not like worms. But my boss does. And he should.

Tomorrow I am scheduled last in a line of presentation to a my super boss.
Fag end of the day.
Junta is going to be tired and bored by then
Some would be anxious about missing their evening flight.
There will be lesser time since a few would have exceeded their limit.
Most of the sales guys would have already said what i wish to say.

Maybe I should just say we always save the best for last or nice guys finish last. Share a few ads and end it there.


Inder said...

all the best :)

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

hey art, but in college - i would love to be the person for the viva during a lab session because the technician will be tired and you will not be drilled much..

anyways, all the best

Coffee said...

You never know!!!!! :) You might actually wake up the sleepy ones with your wonderful presentation!!!! :)

Orchid said...

how did it go??

A Little Light said...

Best o' luck!

Fuzzylogic said...

I know it can be frustrating to be the last one on a tiring day to be doing the presentation,as you said lot many would be raring to just to reach the end of the meeting by then. I guess you just had to make it precise and brief. I sure you would have done a great job at it!let us know how it went.

Something to Say said...

aw c'mon art. knowing you - you're just going to end the day with a bang!! best of luck!!!

Something to Say said...


artnavy said...

anon- u r NOT welcome here again.

thanks all the rest for the empathy

well as expected people stretched their time limit-so i had to finsh mine really fast

i resorted to using TV ads to cut the clutter- summarising my content without going slide by slide and ended with good impact by inadvertently suggesting some idea which happened to coincide with the firang's pet project!!

itchingtowrite said...

hey great ... we know how one sales guy used to hog the time & how mktg used to be cut out of the ppt

How do we know said...

one, would like you to do the tag on my blog, and two, the god part is that you dont have to slog it out in the preparation phase, na?

Alan said...

The second mouse gets the cheese.