January 09, 2007

Train travails

Saw Flightplan. Jodie Foster has aged, but not well. The little girl has little to do but is moving anyway as the vulnerable child. Somewhat gripping, this flight takes off well but spirals down in its descent. But it was a clear departure form the usual Bollywood & Kollywood movies I watch. Made me wonder why we so rarely have such movies in India.

Here is my desi version:

Tagline- Let us make up the rest ( ring a bell?)

Rajdhani or Shatabdi, anything with a vestibule and pantry will do.
If big budget, we can use the Palace on Wheels

Tabu in place of Jodie Foster.
The kid in the HSBC ( pintoo ) ad as her child.
Pankaj Kapur/ Naseruddin Shah as the seemingly innocent officer who volunteers help

Beats from Sivamani from unconventional instruments that are eerie
Maybe one song from a beggar on the train or a vendor can be accomodated.

Plot extension:
Tabu is shell shocked after losing her husband in Delhi . They work with the government, she is a designer with the railway ministry . She is going back to her home town- Mumbai with her son, who is terrified after the loss. After a couple of sleeping pills, Tabu dozes off and when she wakes up , her son is missing. And then the quest begins......

Can you see it happening?


Sanjay said...

lol @ adaptation of flightplan.
Well they did do "burning train" didn't they based on a Hollywood flick about a high rise on fire?
Look at how that turned out.

Something to Say said...

o well - then it will join the ranks of scores of movies based on hollywood flicks.
but flight plan was defi an enjoyable movie.

orchid said...

hmmmm, gotta think abt this one

Twisted DNA said...

Nice imagination :) The only problem with the plot is, if a kid is missing on a train, he will be declared fallen off from the train and end of story :D

Fuzzylogic said...

Good one!I think Tabu would be an excellent choice.Maybe they can have an item number of people singing on top of the trai a la "chaiyya chaiyaa" style which can take place when she is escapes from the villain and frantically searches for her daughter.But then there's one problem where would the villain hide his daughter?trains don't usually provide a whole lot of secretive spaces.
I can totally see it happening!Lol!

artnavy said...

Lot of glitches are coming through in my plot

so how about a non stop express train, fully ac - so u cannot open the doors yourself

the ticket no longer shows the kid's name, the tc's record does not have the kid's name- no one had noiced tabu get in with the kid- since she got in first?
so is tabu delusional??

Usha said...

Interesting. Got to see the origina before coming up with my version.