October 09, 2006

Trouser Town

Inspired by Twisted DNA here come an assortment of trouser wearers:

The Dapper Dude
This John AB wannabe (for those of you familiar with John Abraham, you will agree it is almost humanly impossible to have a body like his) Usually in flat fronts, possibly has a fashion conscious woman in his life. When extreme, can begin to look like he has borrowed stuff from her wardrobe.

Clothes Horse/ Eye candy
The DDudes accompanied by adequate gymming and nature's generosity can graduate to this level.

The Colour challenged
Knows only two colours - blue and black and always in combo with white. Shudders at any other colour. Main retail source- school uniform vendors.

They are backward in their understanding of trouser trends and probably never bought one post the 80s. Luckily retro is making a come back. The vertically challenged who go in for ready made stuff, also sometimes can be mistaken for this segment.

Ping Pong
They like to strut their stuff. Unrestrained is how they are, but manage to create the effect of the stretch lycra worn by male gymnasts. Who will tell them that the display is not worth our attention?

Room for more
These guys think trousers are synonymous with HOPE. They are either in the pre( weight gain) or the post (weight loss) VLCC phase. They buy an ultra large size in anticipation of growth and it will bunch up at the belt in the back. You will see them constantly pulling up their trouser or retucking the shirt. Maybe velcro/ mutli stage buttons can come to their rescue as in woman's clothing.

Foot "loose"
Cool trousers but accessorised with chappals ( Hawaii or otherwise) Commonly found in India. They believe that comfort comes before style. Sweet innocence .

Pant pant!
Theirs is an ongoing struggle to squeeeeeeze into the trouser Maybe they should opt for those with elastic at the back , like kiddies' clothes? Hopefully they don't need to run the risk of a split.

FYI- pl note "pants" refers to what you wear inside trousers.


Itchingtowrite said...

ha ha LOL
the jeans crossover - the edges are worn out from long use
room for mores will never think abt buying a belt

Has to be me said...

LOL! Good one!

Twisted DNA said...

Good list! You and I should write a book called "Lists of everything" :)

"They believe that comfort comes before style. Sweet innocence ."

Alan said...

Enjoyed the list.

My John AB wannabe days are long gone. Jackie Schroff is the best I can do now. My wife and daughter seem to like John for some reason. ;)

I'm usually in jeans when given a choice. I also walk on the edges rather than hem them. Eventually they reach the right length. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had a couple of Bollywood posts in the mix.

Artnavy said...

I belong to the HOPE category

Cloudy Musings said...

Good list! I agree with itchy. Most of the edges of my jeans are worn out too from long use. These days gals fall into that category, u see:-)

"Clothes horse/eye candy"- Cool people. I know examples for such people...umm...Abhishek Bachchan? ;-)

"foot'loose'" - Sweet innocence. Really! Can you include 'Baggies' into this category ??

Hip Grandma said...

Coming to chennai in Jan.May be we can shop a bit.I am a no good shopper.'Pattikkattan seeing an elephant'.So don't agree if you are the impatient kind.