September 25, 2006

Tell me Why

Caution- Rather graphic. Not for the weak hearted.

Had gone to a fairly upmarket restaurant on East Coast Road, ( weekend tradition pre-Anush continues unabated despite warnings to the contrary from co-parents) Anush enjoyed herself watching the golden orange fish swimming around and her amma messing up at the potter's wheel.

After a little bit of naan, some saag & a piece of papad, Anush decided she needed to answer nature's call and an eagerly awaited double whammy at that. I quickly took Anush to the utility. I found there was no platform/ seat for diaper changing. Not even a counter top basin which could double up.

I surely did not want to share this gasp worthy smell and sight with all the patrons of the restaurant. ( Cannot say the same for the management though) So a mad search for a fairly clean and private corner ensued. Ended in the car park, in our car. A quick change of diapers and a few wipe cloths later, Anush was good as new.

And how to dispose of the evidence? Back to the loo I went. So the diaper ( fully loaded since the flush would not work ) was wrapped in some more wipes ( yes, no toilet paper either) and left in the garbage can. (Yeah! there was one with a lid )

The episode left me feeling like a criminal with a super sleuth at my heels.

Why is there no provision for child seats in loos/ malls/ restaurants?
Is it part of a larger ploy on the part of the promoters to limit traffic to their restaurants?

Not directly connected with the above episode but:
Why are there hardly any ramps/ special provisions for the handicapped?
Is it to isolate the already troubled and tell them- "you are different and we do not care." ?

Why is it that senior citizens have to wait in the hot sun in a queue for paying up electricity bills and the like in Chennai?
Is it not possible to make payments online or have a cheque drop box facility like any of the larger metros?

And yes, Why is there nothing I do about it other than lament in a hardly visited blog?


Itchingtowrite said...

even if there is a loo they are hardly clean and the handwash soap/ tissues r never filled up. why why why

Has to be me said...

Firstly thnks fr visiting my blog & hope 2 c u more often!
Regd this post, good thinking artnavy. When we Indians tend to ape the west for all other things, I wonder y v dont follow suit for the things u mentioned...esp for the handicapped & diaper changing facilities etc.
U've a good blog & keep coming with more good stuff! Anushka looks damn cute! How old is she? My daughter is 10mths old.

mommyof2 said...

Even thought we have everything here I still change them in the car.. I hate public toilets.. but yes, there is the option if needed..

I think India will turn into USA by the time our kids will have kids:-) Globalization will play a big role in that:-)

Artnavy said...

has to be me- thanks and anush is 13 months old now

Yes Mof2 - hope u r right

the mad momma said...

LOL... have had to change the Brat in the car oh so often... am often terrified that i will have to change the upholstery but we've not had an 'incident' yet!

Yes..this is the mess our country is in ....

the mad momma said...

LOL... have had to change the Brat in the car oh so often... am often terrified that i will have to change the upholstery but we've not had an 'incident' yet!

Yes..this is the mess our country is in ....

Hip Grandma said...

A lot of whys have to be addressed and it is time we did it.make out a list of more whys.

Artnavy said...


Here are very quickly some more Whys I keep asking-

- Why do the auto guys in Chennai fleece you when the rest of India has honourable auto drivers
- Why do we marekt fainress products and propogate an EVIL
- Why is it that our roads are never clean, our garbage always strewn out of the garbage bin
- Why are school buses not safer
- Why do we still use plastic bags
- Why do people spit/ shit on roads

Vinay said...
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Vinay said...

Why do all of us, blame the government for everything, when there are things we can control?

Why do we feel, that "me alone being good, is not going to change society"? When the saying goes "tiny drops make an ocean"?

Why cant we follow rules?

Why cant we be courteous to fellow drivers on the road?

Why do we bribe policemen, when we can actually accept our mistake and pay the hefty fine?

Why do people like me move to foreign countries, when there are opportunities blooming in my country?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with your "whys" more.
Please send your blog post to the manager of the never know he might do something!

Sue said...

This reminds me of a ramp Dipali, Mallika and I encountered the other day. It was a gentle slope leading up to the raised platform at the entrance, in the same gray stone as the platform and all three of us stumbled upon it at one point or another. What would it have cost them to insert a lighter border detailing or something? A few brain cells?

starry eyed said...

Have the same thoughts everytime we go out Art.

Our builder had promised to build a ramp for one wheelchair-bound flat-owner, but delayed for so long, that by the time he built it, the man got cancer and died. Now we all enjoy the ramp :(