September 01, 2006

Purple Violets and White Lilacs

There are some shades/ colours which always elude us. Navy & I were debating what distinguishes a violet from a purple. Well we both know the textbook definition- " when mixing paint, violet is equal parts red and blue, whereas purple has higher saturations of blue" One is named after the dye that comes from a sea-creature (purpura) and the other is named after the flower.

Here is an interesting link on violets (the flower) which does not always stay true to its colour ( pun intended)- the state flower of Illinois is the Purple Violet!!


Itchingtowrite said...

how abt the rhyme- roses are red and violets are blue... and why is the indigo dye called liquid "blue". why are some oranges green in colour?

Anonymous said...

Lemon green or Lemon yellow?
Aquamarine is blue or green?

The Visitor said...

You seem to have a penchant for colors :)