September 06, 2006

Navigators Anonymous

I am one of those supposedly blessed with a great sense of direction. Talk about wolf in sheep's clothing!

  • You are juggling between keeping baby away from that spot of dirt on the kitchen stool, stirring something on the stove and chopping some veggies by the side, someone calls the better half for direction and suddenly you have to balance the phone as well- maybe I need blue tooth for my landlines?
  • Spouse dearest decides to stay in the left most lane when we need to take right and says" You did not tell me in advance"
  • When in doubt and would like to cross check with some kind soul on the road and the better half says" I Know" and you have this sinking feeling that the journey is no closer to its destination
  • I decide to keep quiet and then we miss the turn altogether and when I cannot help but point out - to be told" But you were supposed to guide "
  • When a co traveller keeps taking digs on spouse's sense of direction and spouse begins to resent me for it
  • Covering my tracks when I botch up- the smirk on the enemy's face is unpalatable
  • Now there are Navigator systems accessible on the cell phone which may prevent couple trouble but may also make me highly dispensable

Don't you think it is time for Navigators Anonymous?


Itchingtowrite said...

in my case I am the one wondering how hubby keeps track of directions- btw I used to lose my way into my own flat when I first moved in- a trait I inherited from mom. anyway back to your post- don't know why the men cannot multi task like we women can do. ....well said on the kitchen situation

Sree said...

Phewwww...all men are the same.. it is high time for NA.. :-)

Hip Grandma said...

I'm with you in each of those points.husbands think they can get away with that all knowing look and blaming their wives when things go wrong.

Artnavy said...

thanks for the empathy ladies- wonder why no man is commenting on this- would like their take ....

Anonymous said...

can empathise with navy here - coz i'm "directionally challenged" and I must say - since the day my hubby bought a GPS system for his car..... i can breathe easy - knowing - some direction related fights have been thwarted!!