September 05, 2006

Happy Teachers Day Amma

As I see it everyday is Mothers' Day but Teachers' Day comes once a year and I guess it is time I wished you.

That too when you have taken VRS for reasons you never make a big deal about. When you will be away for the first time from the roses and the wishes of all your dear students ( some not so dear as well)

Thank you for being a patient and encouraging mentor, exemplary in a lot of ways ....persistent always. Never hesitating to point our areas to improve even if it meant taking the medicine without the sugar.

Stay the same and I do hope your grandkid proves to be a better pupil that I have been
Always learning from you, yours truly.


Itchingtowrite said...

happy teacher's day to aunty. Teachers are unsung heroes who take pride in the achievement of their students. they assume the role of our parents. A child spends 1/3rd of his day with the teacher who plays active role in shaping him / her
Happy teacher's day again and as u said, many more roses to her...

Usha said...

please pass on my wishes to your mother. You must be proud to be the daughter of a teacher!

Vinay said...

I guess most people dedicate Teacher's day to 'teachers' in School, college, etc... It should be dedicated to anyone from whom you have learnt something. However insignificant you may think it is.

The other day, I learnt not to spit my bubblegum on the road, when i saw a small boy, use the dustbin to spit his gum. He taught me something, just by his actions. Happy Teachers day to him!

Happy Teachers day to all who taught me something in life!

Sree said...

That is an apt wish to someone who teaches us everything in life.

Wish your mom from my side too :-).

Anonymous said...

hmmm....HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all those who taught me something or the other in my little life of 16 yrs..... which includes YOU too :-)

Hip Grandma said...

wish your mom a happy teacher's day from me too.