September 18, 2006

Moving Pictures

Did anyone watch Mackenna's Gold on TV yesterday? We were debating how old it was - 1969 was when it was made. Did you know that Clint Eastowood was to play Gregory Peck's role initially? I cannot even imagine him in it.

I thought I would jot down what spontaneously comes to my mind as some of the movies that really touched me:
MUSICALS- Classics from my parent's childhood
Mary Poppins
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
My Fair Lady

KIDS- They respect the child as a thinking being and do not talk down to them
The Never Ending Story
Lion King, Shrek, Toy Story, Babe, Finding Nemo

ACTION- If you can call it that
Guns of Navrone
Mackenna's Gold
Mission Impossible

HUMOUR- Make you see the lighter side of life
Gods must be crazy
Double Trouble
Woman in Red
Runaway bride

One Fine Day
As good as it gets

SLICE OF LIFE- Make you sit up and think
On Golden Pond
Dead Poets Society
Life is Beautiful

Will some one do their take in Hindi and in Tamil?


Itchingtowrite said...

My Hindi Take
some of which I cud think of-
for the Laughs-
Jaane bhi do yaron, Golmaal (original), Angoor, Khoobsurat, Namak Halaal, Dil Chahta Hai, bollywood hollywood, chashme baddoor

Movies that touched me

Black, Maasum, Sound of Music/ Parichay (hindi version), Lagaan,

The Visitor said...

Classics from my parent's childhood
I'm feeling old :(

Artnavy said...


dimbulb said...

How do you have three hours at a stretch, if you have a kid?

I get about one hour -- max -- when he naps. Grrr..

Me Not particular about movies, though -- not a buff, not a watcher, never frequented the theatres etc

but I wonder how it would be to do something and not be interrupted for say FOUR HOURS!

Anonymous said...

o well, I just finished watching Casablanca and endured endless rants from hubby - who just couldnt figure out why anyone would want to watch 'a black & white' movie.
As far as Hindi movies go - there ought to be a section called 'escapist' and put all Karan Johar movies there. But then most hindi movies are escapist. Or there ought to be a section 'family' and put all Sooraj Barjatya movies under it. And there MUST be a section called "Rip-Offs" and I bet that section will have lotsa movies.

Artnavy said...

Hi dbulb- me a great movie buff- watch on dvds over 3 days ( an hr a day)- NOT kidding or if Anush indulges me, then in one sitting- happens at least once a fortnight

Ananya S P said...

My english takes:-

Sound of Music
Mackenna's Gold
Shawshanks Redemption
Pretty Woman
Along came a Spider
Mission Impossible
Lord of the Rings
When Harry Met Sally
and a whole lot of movies...


Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron
Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
Dil Se
etc etc


Maya Bazaar
etc etc...

Hip Grandma said...

not a movie buff.but kamal hasan's 'nayagan' and 'michael,madan,kama,raj' were good ones.
In Hindi I can think of 'machis' and 'pratighaat' as good movies.
'sond of music' and 'my fair lady' in english.
''memoirs of geisha was good but the book was btter.the same abt 'to sir with love'

Artnavy said...

Sidney Poitier's Who is coming to Dinner and To Sir with love are to be aired shortly on Sony Pix

The Visitor said...

Kalyaana parisu
Nenjam marappathillai
Paasa malar
Paava Mannippu- and whole host of Sivaji Ganesan movies.
Ethir neechal
Bama vijayam
16 vayathiniley
Aval oru thodarkathai
Moro charithra (Telugu)
Moondru mudichu
Mauna geethangal
Mauna Raagam
Thanneer Thanneer
Thillu Mullu
Varumaiyin niram sivappu
Azhiyaatha Kolangal
Alaigal oyevathillai
Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi

I'm sorry the list is too long to list... Already there are so many movies that I've missed out :(

What was that again? ... What?... Tamilians are obsessed about movies?
Come on who said that! they must be crazy.

The Kid said...

Ok... here is my list containing movies that was not mentioned before. They are not neccesarily movies.

Action/Philosophy: Matrix, V for Vendetta, Dragon ball z (cartoon series only for 10 year olds like me), Fight club
(it is funny how most of the action movies I like are also philosophically heavy! )

Drama: Grave of the fireflies (a cartoon not for the faint hearted), Iruvar (tam), Guna (Tam), Full metal jacket.

Romance: before sunrise/sunset, mouna raagam (Tam Mani Ratnam movie)

Independant: Station Agent, Garden state, Scent of a woman.

Humour: Napolean Dynamite, Love actually, Paalayathu Amman (Tam Vadivel comedy is awesome), Dexter's lab (this is almost like my real life ;) ) Nettrikkan (Tam Rajni movie... the pervert Rajni is suuupper!)

Horror: Cannibal holocaust, irreversible, The grudge, requiem for a dream.