September 18, 2006

"God in His wisdom made the fly"

And then forgot to tell us why. said Ogden Nash.

Pests come in many types, occupy your house, make you shriek and shudder.
Some you put up with and some are downright revolting. Of course, this depends on your tolerance level as well.

Roaches- The most resilient they will poach on your kitchen
Rodents- Ratty by nature, they litter and nose about
Termites- They bore you to dust
Flies- They come is hoardes and reduce you to a swatter.
Ants- They bite and they don't even have teeth or do they

  • I have a friend who says " Look at it from their angle- poor things!" Maybe you could offer her all those pests in your apartment - for keeps- for free!!
  • You can keep a bigger pest to rid ourself of the smaller ones. Size does matter.
  • Do NOT see Bugs Life, Antz and The Ant Bully - you might change your mind
  • Maybe consider cleaning up your house.
  • If you are the sensible ( & pestified) variety you could visit - Pestcontrol

Bzzzzz: Any resemblance to human pests in any part of the post is purely intentional.


Anonymous said...

This coincidence is just too bizzare - just a couple of hours ago I was reading a post, Poochi ,on Boo's blog and here I see a similar post!
Incidentally, what prompted this sudden post from you?

Sree said...

aaaarrrghhh... pests.. they do give me creeps... good one

Artnavy said...

Hi visitor- my friend at work was almost in tears over this pest control guy who was freaking her out - anyway the Godrej guys are really good and prompt- I need to visit Boo- have not been going there sinmce she never visits me...booooo :-(

Itchingtowrite said...

nice poem! u forgot the spiders & their webs & the lizards forming a nice ecosystem - theys ay spiders eat up our friend cockroaches...& lizards - the flies
but what abt buzz buzz mos - cute-oh!! how i hate them

check this! out-

Artnavy said...

itchy- tnx fo radding on to the list but lizards at least do a good job of eating up some of the pests though they are creepy ( refer my "bigger pest" solution)

Mosquitors- irritating but Good Knight cream to the rescue

Spiders - do they scare you? Not me maybe because they are easily "riddable"

Now frogs and chameleons - they really psyche me

The Visitor said...

@ITW - that was a good lead you gave - a different perspective. :)