August 11, 2014

Anush's Ninth Bday Party

Anush chose the theme, her outfit, hairstyle, friends list,activities , menu all herself.
My baby is growing up!!

Theme: Sunshine/ Sunset Fun.

Raw banana Bajjis , Cheese Pasta,  Waffles with mango icecream,  Goldfish biscuits

Photo with Ms Sunshine
Treasure Hunt
Movie: Goonies with Adi as the usherer
Hoop Chain 
Dance with props

Goodie bag:
Embellished with a Sun by the sisters
Your Turn now - from FunOKPlease
Stickers and chocolates
AND a cute sunny story by her , illustrated by none other than the very generous and kind Ashok Rajagopalan of Gajapati Kulapati fame!!


Anonymous said...


Happy birthday dear Anush...


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Anushka! :))

RGB said...

Wow, sure sounds like a great theme! And for a 9 year old, she's done well, way beyond her age :)