July 30, 2014

Yercaud Calling

Our family vactaion with Navy's side of the family took us back to Yercaud

Last time also we stayed at Sterling  but sans Aditi and Navy and with a newly minted one year old  Anush and her maternal grand folks. We managed a lot of sight seeing then as it was a small gang and all early risers.

This was a different kind of fun- the adults ate and chilled out and gupshupped, the cousins bonded.

Discovered an eatery called Sri Saravanabhavan which served yummy clean Tamil veg food.

A quick & fun get away for sure. The journey though was hot!


Anamika said...

Seems like a nice place

Ananya S P said...


Have you not eaten at Saravana Bhavan before?

I mean you lived in Chennai right? How come you did not know HSB(Hotel Saravana Bhavan) or is this a new saravana bhavan u r talking about? :)