August 24, 2014

Mad About Madras/ Chennai

Old followers of the blog may recall Chennai Chronicles
The last five years away from the city, I see so many changes on each trip of mine.
Here are some interesting books/ reads for kids set in Chennai

Excuse me, is this India?  is a very well illustrated book- set in whinsical verse, it is colourful and imaginatively illustrated bringing the flavour of Chennai to the non local populace. It appeals not just to children as is the case with most good picture books. The illustrator, a 
Swiss quilt artist visiting the city created her impressions of what she saw, using textiles that she bought while she was here!

Trash! On Ragpicker Children and Recycling
is poignant but not depressing.
Velu's struggle set in various parts of Chennai, raises a lot of questions on child labour , waste management and urban  lifestyle. It was developed in workshops that Tara did over a period of time with ragpicker children. Artist Orijit Sen spent time in Chennai visiting their neighbourhoods, took photographs and reworked the pictures into images for the book. More suited to adults and older children.

Ponni the Flower Seller a photo story of real life service providers of the city- another thought provoking read, though out of print now.

Vaalameenukkum Vilaangameenukkum Kalyanam - based on a Chennai gaana song, my grandma used to read it to my older one

The coming of age stories - Mayil will not be quiet! and Mostly Madly Mayil

A Gift from the sea and My friend the Sea- one of the best things about Chennai

A story and a song and Priya's Day one can claim are set in the outskirts of the city

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