August 21, 2014

Janmashtami and more

At home for Janmashtami, we churned out cheedai- salt and sweet versions, kai mukrukku, payasam and appam. The girls helped to make the vellam cheedai with such expertise and gusto

Also did some cute paintings., krishna crown and rangolis.

So the real birthday dawned and Anush was paricular about North Indian food and a fancy place
We opted for Barbeque Nation at the Lido and she was so happy with their dance, song, cake and the
food of course. Adi was dazzled and wanted the SAME for her bday!! Talk of advance booking.

Navy took them for some  fun at the games parlour at the mall- yes, even we give in once in a few months.

Also a good word for Tadka Singh who opened their doors early to us for a Sunday brunch!

Anush's gifts included Monopoly, a cycle, a book shelf and books of course.

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RGB said...

Some cheeda & murukku this way please :)

And sounds like Anush enjoyed her never-ending birthday party!!