August 06, 2012

Thank you!

Here are a couple of pics from the book launch that happened in Bangalore and in Chennai on Saturday.

A huge THANKS to Tulika, Atta Galatta, Pappadum and Praba!

At Atta Galatta, Blore

At Pappadum, Chennai

And thanks to those of you who made it and those who bought the book as well.


sandhya said...

Atta girl!

Unknown said...

I want to see more pics! i'm sure the kids loved it! Way to go art!
Keep one kannada / english book for me pls.

Vidya said...

Made it to Pappadum with my 3-yr old. It was a treat and Praba was awesome. The sonny and I have been busy trying to spot a cloud that yawns and even found one ;-) The illustrations are brilliant!

Vini aka Pooh! said...

My mother and 3 year old were at the Chennai reading and they loved the book. There is a lot of talk about vadais driving auto these days

Thank you

Bubble Catcher said...

Totally enjoyed the event.
Now we are always on the lookout for crows who cook.And when the brat is having his meal, we very nicely share our food with all his cars and trains too:)
And thanks for pointing us out to the awesome Atta Galatta. Loved the place

Harini said...

Loved the book - my almost three year old loved it lots as well

sp said...