August 03, 2012


I promise I will not do more posts on the book here.
Well, not more than once a week at least.

The book is available on Flipkart as well.

Pics of the books are not up yet, so make sure you choose the correct language combination.

Just saying, because- my Bangla friend ordered a Malayalam copy!! On the flip side, she gets to gift the book and spread joy.( See me smile!)

And go to ST for an interview with the illustrator- Roomani. Her new book 'Come!' looks very inviting.

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utbtkids said...

Art, uRead ships international.
Making the book available there will help the US/UK people buy easily., run by Madhu of Madhu Basha Kendra is another distributor for Tulika. Can you get in touch with her and see if she can order the books. May be make her aware of your book.

Firang friends can place REQUEST TO BUY in their library. Painfully slow process, but happens depending on the funds that come in.

California Tamil Academy accepts free copies. Can you put in touch with some volunteers. Talk to them and find out if some deal can be worked out between Tulika and CTA.

This much I can think of. If some light bulb switches in, will let you know.