July 04, 2012

Go Goa

Used the upgrade vouchers for the girls to get a feel of business class flight travel. Anush was impressed. Gave her a feel of economy on our way back and she was still happy. Touchwood.

Aditi made friends on the flights and charmed her way around. Her highpoint was the set of three empty seats she stretched out on.

Instead of doing the well marketed Goan cruise, we opted for the local ferry ride - to and fro.
The girls had fun, Navy was enchanted by how cars and bikes also boarded the ferry.
And could not believe that it is a free service for foot passengers!

We went for walks in the Fontainhas ( the colourful Latin Quarter) and the hamlet  ( Nagoa, Calangute) where the resort is.
Saw Velha Goa from the outside but it was closed for lunch ( for two hours)!!

We hired a car and  were surprised that the roads were in good shape for the most part, despite the rains. However the rates we were not sure if the short distance merited it.
Wish there was some website to help non locals with that, Pan India.

The scooter on the other hand was really cheap for hire and almost new.
 Good fun for the short rides/ errands done on it.

All pics are of Fontainhas.

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Mama - Mia said...

lovely!! and love the girls' flip flops! such bright colours!