June 04, 2012

LUV at home

So we own an Ertiga now. It is a mini Innova from the Maruti stable. Practical enough for our needs.

We had the first long drive to Chintamani over the weekend, also had breakfast in Kolar ( Woody's will soon have competition from Adigas).
Seems comfy especially for the kids to stretch out and sleep on the last seat.

First time we have opted for a diesel version. Time will tell.
As for driving comfort- nothing changes for me. ( only because I still do not drive!)

Aditi let me go to the gym today. Do not know if it will translate into freedom from her clinginess and more importantly from the extra kilos.

Anushka's school reopened today and she begins second standard.
Still cant say 'grade' instead of class or standard.
And just in case you want to know-

I would never use luv instead of love though I use u instead of you often.


sandhya said...

Yes, I was wondering about LUV!

Simplethoughts said...

i have been following you for quite a while now.. and hey the first thought that occurred to me was LUV?, since I ve never seen that before :)

Congrats on your new car

Choxbox said...

LOL! In London it was 'Year x', in India first school it was 'Standard x' and now have got used to 'Grade x'.

And I can never use 'u'!

Lavs said...

same here-U/luv. Congrats on the car. let me know how it pans out so that i can plan for one like this in the distant future:-0

I sometimes think about how we all fitted into the old car for a short drive. lovely memories.

Artnavy said...

:-) all