June 05, 2012

Badaa Bheem

Aditi observed " It is Chota Bheem on Big TV, Amma."

Took the girls for the Chota Bheem movie last week, since Navy and my dad would not. Can't blame them.

The girls loved it. Definitely worth the effort.

One scene I did not like- the boys are slogging it out- digging around but the girl, Chutki just watches on.
Scenes I liked- the not so good boy Kalia weeps and longs for his side kicks when they turn into frogs , the title song - a cross between Bheem and Don


Lavs said...

I have resisted taking LB for the movie. never liked the cartoon on tv. too much violence and LB sometimes gets scared looking at the villains.

Artnavy said...

hehe- good for you and him!