April 09, 2012

Good weekend

Went for a Metro train ride and then to Nandos - not very apt for vegetarians I felt. Though their mocktails were great.

Took Navy to Little Italy for his birthday and we all had a good time.

Anush made a charming easter egg kolam - missed taking a pic of it.
We did a Treasure Quiz for the easter eggs the girls made with playdough.

Attended a Vallakaapu function with Aditi telling everyone there that she wanted to go to Chakum Chokum. Other than that time was spent chilling out in the pool and reading.


Today summer camp began- Anush went joyously and Adi refused to go. And to think the plan was in fact to engage Adi!! She does know how to foil my attempts- the little adorable monster.

Left for tour this morning listening to her piteous chant " I want you, I want you, I WANT YOUUUUU!!"

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