March 26, 2012

And a new chapter begins....

Took Aditi and attended Open House at Anush's school.
Was amazed by the eager Little Einsteins ( all around 6 yrs) and their experiments, bubbling volcanoes, magic writing ( Anush's), floating objects and so on....

Lovely to see all the colourful work on display done lovingly by the kids. Anushka's included a word wheel, a magic number square grid, a clay mountain range, her imaginary animal drawing and other stuff she had done over the year.

Anush (and I ) were mighty pleased that her work book was retained by the Montessori work room teacher as an illustrative sample.

I was slightly put off that even this school displays projects done very obviously by the parents! And the child had not even an inkling when other kids questioned her about this and that! Parental guidance is fine and needed, but to do it themselves is almost insulting to the child, in my opinion.

Aditi's last day at playschool ended on a high with a party and so on. She received an excellent rating and Anush was a very proud sister who could not resist asking Aditi: " Aditi, very good! You are excellent in school. Then why dont you behave that way at home?"
The Ugadi weekend involved a Chintamani trip ( roads are being laid and really bad ) and a send off for a dear ST member who is moving cities. Also Anush attended PowWow's Chota Bheem do.


sandhya said...

Agree. I would rather A submit and display her own work at school than have a more finely turned out one done by me/ her father.

We had knitting at school when I was a child, for both girls and boys. Many of the boys, who had no patience with what they considered 'girly work', would get their mothers to do it for them. I have sweet memories of my craft teacher pulling out the needles and unravelling their work and making them re-do it!:)

Unknown said...

@art isn't it more fun to have kids enjoy making them?
Congrats to aditi and anush for successfully completing this school year with flying colors.

@sandhya - Ohhhh I love that teacher of yours :)

Lavs said...

The peacock rangoli is awesome-what material did you use for it?

Header image is very cute (i never get tired of saying this:)-what is the addon in her hair?

Artnavy said...

Thanks S and S

rangoli is soap chips/ noodles we call them, unfragranced and discarded by my workplace

Hair add on is just a basic hair-band which comes with braids attached

hyd said...