March 22, 2012

Chennai Delhi Blore

Summer is here with a bang across these cities at least

Travelling is not all fun but there are always some nice moments that stay with you:

Was amazed and moved by a flight friend who rescheduled his flight to meet up and pass on a sloka cd for the kids

Ate at a place called Evergreen in Delhi- simple, quick and nice fare.

Had a quick shopping expedition this time to the right street in Sarojini Nagar, thanks to Mad Momma's guidance . Got really lovely summer frocks and some cute knik knacks for Golu.

Was amused by a group of Dehra Dun school girls on a picnic to Goa, who made it a point to chat me up. Felt like an ass for telling their guide that Goa is likely to be HOT right now!!


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Nice post. Looking forward to some cheery, summer pics and posts too!

hyd said...

Simply superb………..marvelous….