January 17, 2012

Weighty Matter

As we took a walk in the market street, I tried to explain a non digital weighing scale to Anushka from a distance.

The indulgent banana seller called us over ( I promptly admitted I was not carrying money).

She let Anushka hold the weights/ place them and helped place bananas to show her how it worked. A practical lesson from a natural educator.

God bless the lady.


Unknown said...

wow! :) Anush must have been excited.. Bless that lady :).. what a sweet thing to do. maybe you should try building a tarazoo at home. I remember making one at home when I was a kid.

geeth said...

Nice of that lady..

Shobana said...

how sweet of the woman!

dipali said...

That is lovely! We have forgotten so many simple things in this high-tech, digital age:(