January 15, 2012

Kites, Kites!

Apart from new clothes, feasting and rangoli, Anush and Aditi flew kites and painted pots this Pongal.

It was my first real kite flying experience and I was hooked. Tugging at the string that seemed to be of steel the moment the kite reached a certain height- what a high!

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Unknown said...

haha.. Trust You to be at HSR while I was near ur place.. Both looking out for each other and hoping to bump into each other!
Put up pics of the claytopia stuff .. I'm super excited to see the kid stuff. maybe just anush's, aditi's , lil p's & mine :)
.. and I'm saying this again.. I love the rangoli .. As kids, kite flying was quite a rage @ hyderabad. I'm just glad the manja is banned now.