January 02, 2012

Hello 2012

Opened the new year in Chintamani. Came to Bangalore, enjoyed a Dhaatu Ramayan carnival though not in enough detail. They had colouring, puppet shows, a walk through cubicles like sets, play acting, quiz, etc. Really a lot to take in, in the 2 hours we spent there.

Some Adittys to begin the year with a smile:
She sees an Oonjal( joolah) photo in a wedding photo album. "Amma where is slide? " she asks.

She wants the straight hair of a cousin and points to her own and says "Amma take off this, give me that!"

Wish you all a great year!


sandhya said...

"No amma, don't you dare take it off!" Wish my kid had curls like those!

Couldn't make it to the Ramayana Carnival inspite of having made plans to go.:(

Were there any books?

Unknown said...

@Sandhya - Now don't you go on making wishes like that! .. A has such gorgeous hair.. *kala-tika*
@art: aditu is the cutest.. Lil P is missing her already :) was surprised how nicely they got along.. considering P can be quite aloof and off handed at times.