December 30, 2011

Here we go or come?

Tata 2011.

A full year, with loads of happy times and some tense moments.


Won a couple of brands that have been on the wanted list for long. Handling more accounts. A trip to Paris that did not work out and one to Sri Lanka that gave my purse a workout. Had a lot of logistics glitches to sort out - SAPped out was more like it.


Over all good times. Though we had a trying time when we discovered our cook was a thief and went through a couple of maid changes as well. All elders and kids with nagging illnesses this entire year but thank God only the cold cough types


Both enjoying their new schools, growing up to be independent spirited young ladies inbetween some cycling, keybaord, chess, cooking, swimming and just being kids


Going along, doing well, sometimes wondering what...great we cleared the housing loan, now let us explore some new stuff


A source of joy and aches as well- we have had a number of short trips ( Nandi Hills, Lepakshi, Mekedathu, Mysore...) and longer ones were the Sai Vishram beach one and the Badami Hampi trip. Sri Lanka was pure retail therapy for me.

Blogging/ Writing

Mister Muthu comes to an end, as does TON. Story telling sessions made a strong start. Hope to see more of that in 2012. Lots of blogger friends made and fun meets had. Going fairly strong at ST...


Inching slowly towards a fitter me. Finally.

Welcome 2012


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Wishing you and your family the very best in 2012.

Unknown said...

Wishing the art family a very happy new year :)