December 14, 2011

Sibling Squabbles

......have begun. So much for Love you too much !!

Aditi fights over books/ toys/ her amma/ her appa/ plates/ spoons/ band-aids/ etc etc

But she also showers lots of unconditional love, supports Anush when she is being reprimanded, misses her terribly when she is away, apprecaites any art/ work by Anush, shares even the smallest bit of sweet/ fruit with her.

This is all new to me having never had siblings....Shine on my girls and show me the way!


Choxbox said...

It is a mad mad world as far as sibs go. Mega fun!

We were three imagine! Its like action replay for me now!

apu said...

aww how sweet. it was lovely seeing them both together earlier this month.

Itchingtowrite said...

maine bola thaa siblings is fun.. a long time ago..and useful too...wait until they grow then u will hav these girly talks, bitching abt others and all that.... and the best of all girls become friends of mom as they grow up ....