November 30, 2011

Sister at School

So it is through. Aditi will join Anushka's school next academic year.
Anush is delighted. Not sure if Aditi understands.

Was in Mumbai and Delhi on work and got to meet my cousin and Chithi. Ate saag and enjoyed Gobi parathas one misty morning.

Last weekend, went to Chinnari Habba and saw the (z)orbs that I had always wanted to . Could not do it due to the queue. Anush did have fun with a horizontal bungee though.


sandhya said...

Darrell and Felicity at Malory towers? Great!

You were in Mumbai? woohooo!

Anonymous said...

such pinkness!!!!


Sachita said...

Nice, I cant imagine siblings not going to the same school!

Aditi looks like Anush in the pic. above and have never seen the resemblance before :)

Artnavy said...

i LOVED malory towers and the Osullivan twins

was trying to off set with purple

u will be surprised

Yes they do look alike- anush more Ms Mellow and aditi more MissChief

VJ said...

I must be kidding!! Aditi can't be ready for school already !!
She is a baby !

Gayatri said...

- Pretty Pinks
- A double trouble that babbles
- A Beautiful 'Bhumaro' dancer
- I want a girl...waaaah!

Anonymous said...

congrats, when is the third coming ?

Artnavy said...

u kidding me? population is as it is too high....but would have liked to adopt if family had been more positive about it