November 27, 2011

Got to go!!

Went to the Hundred Hands collective and got some lovely stuff from NIMHANS, a Gond artist and even some yummy eats ...last year we had picked up Sanchi paper cutting work.

Managed a quick trip to Book Fair which was not as grand or crowded as last year.

Do visit ST for my recent review of an interesting book- Island's end


Cuckoo said...

I wish you were in Chennai... so miss having a ready reckoner for Chennai events :)

PS: yeah, one of the anon readers. Keep writing!

sandhya said...

Great! So what did you pick up?

And yes, the crowd was less. Maybe something to do with the fact that the books on stock were also not so many as previous years? Maybe it is a chicken-and-egg situation?

Strand book stall seems to have picked up on the trend of e-books- their booklet is advertising the 'importance of physical books'!!

eCBSE said...

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Anonymous said...

it is a junk book, why do you review such crappy books. So you know ramayana or mahabharatha. teach that to your kids not some liberalistic horrible books. do your kids pray every day? why do one have to be always do what west does