June 13, 2011

Assorted Weekend

Anushka has resumed weekend keyboard classes at her own insistence post summer break.

We went for Kung Fu Panda- II ( 3D) and she loved it. Wanted to see the next show as well.

Visited a mall with a relative from Chennai and helped her shop for her DIL. She is so eager to please her with her choice. Very sweet.

Missed the Mango fest at Rangshankara

Saw a movie in Telugu- Leader.
Aditi is doing full school ( 2.5 hrs) beginning today. Hope she takes to it well. Last week they sent us a pic of her laminated and titled First week at school- very nice gesture.

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It's Dee for U said...

Hi Art,

Can you please do us a favor? Can you update us of the upcoming events in Bangalore before hand? So that we also can plan to make it to it?? It would really be great help and fun.. :)