June 14, 2011

Sister Act

Anushka Do- Aditi See and Do

Whatever Anush eats, Aditi will ( even if it is a hard ragi thattai)

Whatever "Anusha" wears in terms of accesories, Aditu wants ( clips, bindis and bangles especially , though Aditi never keeps any of them on for over a minute)

Whatever "Anush" plays, Adi wants the same ( Aditi has a badminton racket which is larger than her)

But as a result I see Aditi picking up things faster ( good) and growing up sooner ( not so good)

Do look up my new post at ST. (I did not post even one review in May!! )


DC said...

how cute is that :-) and love Aditi's curls. Are those home made Ragi thattais??

Artnavy said...

hi DC
thanks and ragi thatti is avail at Surya sweets chennai