March 21, 2011

Weekend Special

Koshy's Sunday special is Aapam and veg stew and the kids loved it. We were disappointed not to find misthi dahi though in KC Das just across the road.

Celebrated Holi with building friends and what fun it was.

Rest of the weekend was spent just catching up on books, cricket and sleep.

Read Mayil- review will follow shortly on ST this week. Reading Jeffery Archer's latest Only Time will tell- very nice indeed.


Timepass said...

Hi how r u? good luck to aditi and anush @ new aditi so big enough to attend playschool??time flies..

Choxbox said...

Anush’s brown frock in the header is very nice.

Unknown said...

Only Time will Tell? - Published already? Here, Barnes & Noble says it will be available only by Aug !

The Print Lover said...

I liked the header frock too! And her skin is glowing inspite of the colors!

Choxbox said...

@TPL: Aah the TPL has emerged from the depths of the Land of Tiny People!

And I am guessing Anush has been lathered with oil - as my girls had been! Am I right Art?

Artnavy said...

aditi will start in june- a bit earlier than anush did( 1yr 9m vs 2 yrs)

it is a top- i love it too

akhila- very much available here

how is your health- thanks and she is glowing from both moisturiser and excitement

nailed it, despite that she developed a rash on her face- took a day to heal!!