March 16, 2011

Love in Tokyo?

Japan was one of the countires I wanted to visit as a kid- besides Canada, Greece and Australia.

I admired how such a small sized country could do so much. I loved the cherry blossoms and the wonderful literature they turned out. My teacher had told me that Japanese women and Italian men are the most gorgeous looking and I realise she was not off the mark.

I hope that the little big country bounces back and soon.

I wonder if Rajni will reach out to his fans there in their hour of need?

Natural disasters are shocking reminders to live life to the fullest and do what counts.


cantaloupes amma said...

According to TOI, Rajini is supporting for this cause.

dipali said...

Your last line says it all!

Jill said...

Nice post. We are in Australia and recently avoided the big category 5 cyclone came through. Did this hit the news in India? Quite a lot of students from India had their roofs blown off inthis storm!

We also lived a couple of years in Japan so really feel their pain.
The world really seems to be going crazy!

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