March 28, 2011

Of Sea and Sand

This weekend we went to Sai Vishram- a lovely retreat tucked inside a place called Byndoor.
The cottages are pretty and there is a lot of wicker and eco friendly construction. The beach is pristine and pure. No vendors, no voyeurs, it was almost like our own private beach. The resort does not belive in active marketing and this has kept the crowds away and those who we met there, were very like minded families. The food is veggie and excellent and what's more it is extremely child friendly- they honour all your little one's wishes- strawberry milkshake at odd hours included.

Getting there is the only slightly difficult part but we managed our first overnight bus ride with the kids pretty well. We used a sleeper bus- a first for me as well. It was Aditi's 18th month birthday and I am glad it was spent this way introducing her to the much loved sea and sand. She hated it on day one but loved the dolphin sighting cruise ( yes we got to see dolphins), wanted to feel a crab a fisherman showed her, enjoyed the resort dog who was truly endearing. She played about in the sand, tried eating sev puri on the beach, even tried the trampoline with her sister. Anush had an adrenaline rush with the ATV ride, Jet ski and Banana boat. She tried the bungee trampoline combo and did not quite like it after a point. She loved the trampoline and as usual collected shells, did not want to get out of the water, enjoyed jumping waves, building sand mounds and so on. The high point for me was Anush, waking up around midnight, saying" Amma I am enjoying myself so much" and then dozing off.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sounds like the whole trip was a lot of fun. I too collected shells when we went to a beach and really enjoyed doing so.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Header picture. I am so happy you all had a gala time:-)


ranjani.sathish said...

Looks like a lovely place Art...just checked out the resort !

Lavs said...

Lovely resort. Why have they displayed prices only till may 11, will prices go up after tat??i have already marked this place as a must visit.

anushka said...

I will surely bookmark this. Great blog

sushil kumar said...

I will surely bookmark this. Great blog

Aruna said...

Thanks to your blog, we plan to take a holiday in the same resort.
Can you please let me know what type of cottage here is good ? Also, can you please give me the name of the travels that has sleeper bus to this place ? I cant find a sleeper bus for the return journey.
Thanks in advance,