March 30, 2011

Nashik and back

Went on work to Nashik via Mumbai. Nice place though it is less scenic than I had expected. It was wonderful to hear the Marathi there.

Bought Chivda at both Kondaji and at the more interesting Madhavji chivda. Also visited Haji for sweets.

On the way back via Mumbai, I had some time to kill. Anyone in Andheri west, near the station, last evening, would have seen a woman, completely gleeful, going bonkers shopping and carting unwieldy bags around. On a whirlwind nostalgia trip- I was at Merwans-a Cake shop, Jains farsaan/ snacks, a Titan showroom ( yes I know we have those in B'lore as well), a Pani puri stall and Honesty a small kiddy clothes shop in NATCO. What fun!

Needless to say- my purse was light and me- I felt even lighter. What a high!


R's Mom said...

hey I work in Andheri East..was in Andheri west yesterday evening to pick up something...we may have crossed each other :) Merwans has awesome cakes na..hope you packed some for Anush and Aditi :)

Sands said...

how fun. It's awesome you get to travel for work. Lovely header picture.