February 21, 2011

Events of the weekend

My little cousin has been recruited by Google. Am so excited for her. They sound like great employers and I hope she will have a fun and exciting career.

Anush had her first tablet for her cold, courtesy her paternal doctor grandpa. She wanted me to put it on record. So here it is.

We had a fun weekend in Chinatmani and saw a mineral water plant and the adjoining bottle/ can - cap making unit. Wonderful and clean. Anush and Aditi had fun with chalk rangoli. Navy and Anush baked fairly tasty cookies for the first time. Next time they plan to do it with a proper oven and recipe and am sure it will turn out great

Aditi is into numbers and says two- three if she hears the word' one ' in any context.

Anush's school had the parent teacher meet where I almost burst with pride at their report on Anush. Though I think I am an objective parent, it is nice to know your child is doing well as per a qualified outsider's assessment.

The school search for Anush has left me confused since there are pros and cons with all the three that I am considering for her. Also I think a large part of how kids shape up is due to home and family and having my mother around has been such a positive influence on them. Does a school matter that much I wonder...


R's Mom said...

Awesome on Aditi's two and three :)
Actually I am commenting just to let you know this
My mom has been a teacher for about 30 years now and when were looking for schools for R she did tell me one thing which you have already mentioned in the post..at the end of the day..the school has much less to do with the child's development as compared to the home and parents... Yes school is important but if a child wants to study, she will study anywhere provided the home environment lets her do so..the encouragement from the parents is much much more important...if all the three schools are equally good, just put Anush in the school which is the nearest :)

Poornima said...

It is no nice to read updates of Aditi and Anush!

And congratulations for your cousin. I worked with Goolge (AdWords) for more than three years and I am sure she will enjoy it!

VJ said...

I am not a expert but what ur mom said is so true. Completely agree with R's mom

Vibha said...

This discussion is very close to my heart so cannot help commenting here. I completely agree with your observation and R's mom. Good schools are required as they provide the controlled exposure to the outside world. But the major part of education of all forms happens at home and especially during the early years which are actually the foundation years of their lives.

I prefer putting the kids in a school which is closest to home. No point subjecting them to the traffic and long commutes so early.

RGB said...

Here's an A+ on Aditi's progress and Anush's report. As for the school, yeah...you could go for the one that's closest. If the foundation is good, she'll do well wherever she goes. Home & parents have a large part to play. And of course, teachers are important too. All the best!

artnavy said...

My mom was a lecturer and Navy's is a teacher.

A teacher holds a lot of influence in my opinion since I have had a couple who were great and helped channelise my talents

But good teachers are there everywhere not just in great schools alone no??

Choxbox said...

Interesting Q Art.

IMO the environment at school does matter - to the extent of not putting the child off the idea of learning. Learning itself comes from everywhere.

the mad momma said...

so cute.. already two and three! what else do you expect of the second child when you're getting rave reports about the first, huh? :)

and as for the school, its important for the place to be something that won't scar the child. that apart, sab chalta hai. at the end of the day we're products of our homes, not out schools.