February 18, 2011

Old Flame

Anush rediscovered her love for playdough and made this and a lot more stuff a couple of days ago. In the background is her new book shelf already overflowing with books- old and new.

Check out this not so new MM episode if you wish. The second serial is not online and not sure if it will be either.


RGB said...

Hey nice, she's got her own book shelf! And play dough sure is fun, irrespective of how young or old you are, isn't it?!

Suhasini said...

Header pic is wowwwwww ! Both of them look so cute:)
Good that Anush keeps her shelf organised.. Does it stay that way without help from u?

artnavy said...

RGB- you said it

Suhasini- thanks.

Anush is largely tidy with her stuff- a function of her schools and home I guess.

She also always loves to help me clean if and when I do it.