January 14, 2011


Instead of snaps of of the birds and crocs we encountered, here is a snap from the journey to Ranganthittu.

In a chance encounter, a blog reader happened to see Ansuh at her school and recognised her and wrote in. Small world!!

Anushka insisted on carrying the payasam/ kheer made today at home, for her classmates in school. She was very excited with the paper cups that she has taken along to serve them in!

Happy Pongal, Lohri, Sankranti!! Loved the Google image today.


Unknown said...

happy sankranti :)

R's Mom said...

Yaa even I loved the google header today :) happy pongal/sankranti!

VJ said...

Happy pongal / sankranthi Art.
That's a beautiful pic of the kutties !!

How do we know said...

To you too.. :-)