January 13, 2011


Think Pune and I think of Shrewsberry biscuits. I am not too fond of Bhakarwadi( Chitle bandhu)

A charming fellow blogger got me these awesome biscuits and Lonavala Choco-Walnut fudge ( A1 and Cooper rule)  and some interesting dry fruit jelly-candy - halwa kind of sweet. Thanks Uma.

I wonder if you get any of those in Blore/ Chennai. I think you do get a version called Badamika at Anand sweets which is a bit like the Shrewsberry biscuit.

This was certainly a trip down memory lane. I still address my paati as Poona paati since that is where she lived when  I began to speak as a baby. She left Pune but the name stuck on.


Unknown said...

ohhhhhhhh during sankranti [ rather in the month of jan] u get lovely sugar ornaments in Pune.. in Khau galli. U shud buy 1 set for Aditi n anush if possible.

sandhya said...

You have made me drool!!!!:)

Minka said...

You don't like Bhakarwadi ?? Oh my , I could eat tons of them.

Shrewsbury is nice but rather heavy biscuit.

starry eyed said...

Ohhhhhh Art you made me drool...missed my days in Pune...you're right the Badamika is a bit like Shrewsberry. I also miss the Laxminarayan chiwda...I really want to make a trip back to Pune sometime and take my kids around my campus n haunts.

Tharini said...

Oh yes! When I was in college, we used to raid this bakery on MG Road for Shrewsberry biscuits. Nothing like 'em!

Richa said...


First time reader. I loved the pics of your kids.

and the "dry fruit jelly-candy - halwa kind of sweet" could be karachi/ baadaam halwa. Try karachi halwa at Kanti Sweets or the baadaam halwa pack from Haldiram. See if that is what you wanted!

Best regards,