May 13, 2010

Dolls - different kinds

Here is Anush at the puppet parade

I was in Chennai on work and stole a few minutes to get back some yummy Imaampasand/ Himan pasand. Here .is one of my treasured posts on the subject and an episode of Mister Muthu on the same


Arundhati said...

Anush has a mature dignified air about her, she looks quite the lady :)

Absolutely loved reading your post about mangoes. The mango is definitely the king of all fruits, makes me feel like royalty for sure! ;-) My preferred way of eating mangoes is to cut each fruit into 3 pieces - seed and 2 sides. Then do justice to each piece... till only the peel/seed remains :) No slicing/fork for me - Ore echchal as my granny wd say! My favs are Alphonso, Banganapalli and juice/pulp squeezed out of Rasaalu (my gandfather's style of eating it). I am not a fan of Malgova or even Himayat for some reason and definitely not Neelam or Sendhura. In bangalore, I discovered 2 varieties I hadn't tasted before, badami and raspuri - of which the former is quite good methinks.

Arundhati said...

And I'd completely forgotten about Dusshehri, used to be my fav as a kid. Thanks for reminding me!

Dee said...

ooh ! Mangoes make me drool !!!
US may have so many different fruits and lovely ones but nothing to beat our king of fruits !!
my grandfather used to ripen the trees from our backyard (which we still do) and summer holidays all of us would dig the haystack for the most ripe fruit, go to our kollai, sit on the washing stone and eat the fruit till the seeds were truly naked !
and wait, then we would bite into the seed and make a boat or some shape out of it :-D

Artnavy said...

thanks arundathi

yes i do love mangoes and we all have our stories to go with them right??


if u come by- I realise that the mango post is the first time u left a comment at thi s blog !!