May 11, 2010

Corn at Cubbon Park

Went for the Dhaatu Puppet parade above with Anushka after taking a half day off from office.

She got to hold 3 different puppets- a potato head, a bull and a doll!!

Post that, the children at Dhaatu staged a play on veggies and what havoc chemicals are causing.

As Anush summarized- Earth was green and happy and chemical monsters came and Earth was sad and grey. Then some strong people came and the chemical monsters went away and Earth was Green and happy again!!

Needless to add, we had fun at the park as well and ate roasted corn and cotton candy. And I wondered if the corn had chemicals on it!


Choxbox said...

pls to notify us of such events in advance - you have our e-mail ids no?! promise to bring along dhoklas and theplas for you.

and did i tell you this - am so glad you've moved into town :)

starry eyed said...

The corn at Cubbon Park tastes better than corn anywhere else in Bangalore!

Unknown said...

second chox!

Unknown said...

I meant I second chox. Do call me too pls!

Artnavy said...

will do !!

Achala said...

what a coincidence. just a day ago, i read a very impressive article about dhaatu and it's founder Anupama.

de-lurking by the way!

Swati said...

Yes , I second Chox too