December 01, 2009

Another Deepam

Happy Karthikai.

To the non south Indian readers, it is a celebration of Lord Karthik and is also our equivalent of Raksha bandhan

Among my favourite festivals, it is a quiet version of Diwali and is gorgeous .

Anush went dressed in a new ethnic outfit to school- one of many my mom got her from Mumbai- at appealingly and appallingly low prices

Aditi is here in a new frock , similar to one Anush had as a baby.

And me I am awaiting yummy appams!


starry eyed said...

Gawgeous both your girls are!

apu said...

Happy Karthigai to you too. I did not know it was the equivalent of Raksha Bandhan? My mom does some other nombu which is for her brothers....Aditi looks lovely....(am in town next week, will come see you then...)

Timepass said...

Happy Karthigai..
Mumbai does offer good outfits at dirt cheap prices..100% true.. I dont find that u have any suggestions

Monika said...

aww....share a pic of Anush too

Sands said...

and a happy karthigai to you too :) Aditi looks adorable!

Choxbox said...

what a yummy baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy Karthigai to you all. Anush and Aditi look cute as usual:-)

Lots of love to all,

artnavy said...

thanks all

apu- look forward to seeing u