August 13, 2008

Indian Trail tales

As Rohini lamented the lack of a Mumbai Storytrails ( this is a link to the blog) , I did some checking..

What you do have are the following


Heritage Walk- guess the walk is not a WIP unlike the website

Nature Trail- sounds interesting and even has an authority figure to back it though targetting visitors from overseas

Time out trails - the first one is most "doe "able :-) though out of bounds for our little ones but I am sure at least some of these enterprising operators will be willing to customise


The Bengalis really do it instyle- they had a city treasure hunt in 2008. Calcutta Walks is a company owned by Iftekhar Ehsan and it organises walking tours of Kolkata, taking you through the city's inherent treasures...of course promoted on NDTV- anything Bengali will be right : - )

And another resource on suggested walks across India covering various city/ town trails ranging from Pondicherry to Jaipur . However I am not sure if there is an escort or a guide or a story teller involved in these trails.

Maybe you can add on what is available in your city or refine this info based on your experience?


This link in added courtesy 'd'

Truly the best of the lot in terms of online portrayal, have you tried it 'd'? Again children below 7 not allowed:-((

And if we do not find too many like the London tour which I loved or the other tours that you read of in blogs of those in the UK or the US( choxbox / mom of 2), maybe we have a good business opportunity here.


Just Like That said...

Hi- its been a long time
was just going thru all your recent posts, and really enjoyed the trick one. ;-)
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Artnavy said...

thanks jlt

anushka's bday is on 16th- she is a post independance baby

Choxbox said...

what plans for bday art?

Rohini said...

Ooh thanks. That' so sweet of you. Will go check these out...

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Anonymous said...

he he d would be a regular reader and lurker! will email...

also we had this -

unfortunately i think neither the service itself nor the website - - now work... thank god i already tried it once!


Artnavy said...

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Artnavy said...
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