August 14, 2008

Happy Star Bday baby!!

We always had a pretty interesting life .

After your birth, somehow life seems richer, brighter, lovelier, happier with you around

You take my breath away baby with your whys and whats and spontaneous bursts of angelic wisdom.
You also take my breath out sometimes with your naughtiness

Today, on your star bday ( you are poorvashadam and don't ask me why but here is what it seems to imply)

"The moon in Purva Ashadha indicates a person who is proud, independent, and invincible with strong influence and power over others. They are ambitious and fearless, with a strong urge to better themselves. They have deep emotions and are philosophical, but they can also be confrontational"

It amused us that you went so chirpily to school in your bright paavadai despite being low with a bad cold. Shows how spirited you are already.

Here is wishing you a bright, sparkling and sunshine filled year ( technically the Sun is also a star you see)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anush Kutti,
Many many happy returns of today. Love you more so than the biggest star:-)

Lots of love,
Beena Atthe

Timepass said...

Happy Bday Anush

(BTW i completed hsc in 1995 (div d)

Artnavy said...

hey beena- that was quick

tp- i know u from podar?

Krishnan said...

Happy Birthday Anush.

Kavs said...

Happy birthday Anush! God bless you.
(Anush, I am an ardent fan of your mom's blog, making a late entry to the comments' space.)

Minka said...

happy B'day Anush !!

Art, you were in Podar ? As in Matunga ? As in right next door to where I lived behind Ruia ?

Artnavy said...

krishnan- that e card is co cute

tahnks kavs

minka- u remember that tall gorgeous dusky babe near the khatta- that was NOT me- that was shilpa shetty

the taller gawky dusky babe that was me

Kodi's Mom said...

happy star bday Anush! threes already here? cant believe it...

Usha said...

Lovely little girl, a very happy birthday to you. may you bring more joy and sunshine to your mom in the years to come so we can hear them from her. Hugs

Shobana said...

Happy star burday Anush dahling!

Choxbox said...

happy star budday anush. couldnt make it this time, will see you soon however. budday gift pending.

you are THAT tall art? i will remember to bring my stilts along.

Collection Of Stars said...

Happy star birthday Anush :)
That's one trooper you have there.

Collection Of Stars said...

Happy star birthday Anush :)
That's one trooper you have there.

Artnavy said...

ks mom/ usha/ choxbx/ *****- thanks all and hope u keep enjoying our escapades

geeth said...

Happy birthday dear :)

Mama - Mia said...

happy birthday Anush!! :)

reading your words of wisdom is always so much fun! :)



Artnavy said...

thanks geet aand mama mia