July 30, 2008

Lounge around -baitak style

Always wanted floor level seating- like a baitakh. I have never been too taken up with sofas though one cannot deny the comfort factor of sinking into one of those giant leather ones

Anyway went ahead with my thoughts and the result is the above.

Even those with knee issues can sit at the periphary and drop their feet on the tiled floor for adequate height since the gaddas( mattresses) are pretty thick.

Anush thinks we have beds in the hall and loves lolling on them.
And here is the inspiration, courtesy rang-decor, when I went about breifing the carpentar.

Edited to add- How we did it:
We raised the flooring with bricks itself. Solid, tree friendly and much cheaper too.
We used the same Marbonite flooring and then laid Prego "wooden" flooring- thin ( 2 mm) strips of wood like planks which interlock. As easy as that!

We also finally have a TV in the drawing room contraray to all these years!!


B o o said...

Its lovely, Art! And the Ravi Varma painting is beautiful too. And is that a cradle which turned into a center table? Remember seeing the same in Ushas blog too. Awesome idea.

How do we know said...

This is perfect. Other than the wood of course.. its quite nice.

Artnavy said...

boo- tnx and yes it is a cradle table- we have had it for over 8 yrs now- travelled many homes with us-

the ravi varma is gift from my folks- it is a computer print- u get it everywhere now...

howdoweknow- its not exactly wood- that would have meant too much wood and rather end up like a bed

we raised the flooring with bricks itself. solid, tree friendly and much cheaper too.

it is only prego wooden flooring- thin ( 2 mm) strips of wood like planks.

~nm said...

Looks lovely!

Mama - Mia said...

it looks gorgeous!! great piece of work... err.. art! :)



Collection Of Stars said...

It looks great :)
You must have done a lot of homework for your new home no?
Saw the post on Anush's room and that is also beautiful.

Altoid said...
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Sands said...

Have been to your blog a few times and more regularly the past few weeks. Just wanted to say that living room looks beautiful. Done up real nice, simple & cozy:)

Artnavy said...

thanks a lot all of you

altoid- teh link wokred and your baithak is very practical with teh bak rests - also much larger I think

Artnavy said...

thanks **** for looking up anush's room as well

in hindsight i am not so happy with teh colour choice for her room

but i wanted to stay clear of very girly pinks

maybe orange could have been better than yellow

How do we know said...

ohhhh..(a much happier grin).. then it looks double nice to me! And that cradle table is a fantastic idea!!

Artnavy said...

the cradle table is very common now but we thought we were fundoo when we first got it :-))

Choxbox said...


Artnavy said...

thanks - was wondering if u did not like it:-)