July 31, 2008


This is my 400th post here and I have some news... no... no... before you jump the gun.....

Finally after 2 unsuccessful attempts, we have Anush's ears pierced by the local neighbourhood "achaari"- who was so expert and did it with his bare hands and a small thorn like piece
His placement was perfect ( unlike the first time and ear wring also did not happen.)

Anush explains to all who care to hear (or not) " uncle pierced ears in shop/ Kaadu kuthitaar uncle. I cried only little."
She is taken up with everyone gushing and calling it pretty and hopefully she will not pull it off this time or develop any infection. ( unlike the second time)

We have also warned her that she would need to go to " uncle" to get it removed whenever she asks us to remove the ear studs. That seems enough to keep her from fidgeting with her ears.
Fingers crossed, I hope the kiddo will be comfortable and enjoy all the ear rings gifted by loving friends and relatives, that are lying in the locker for her since her birth.
My mother is of the opinion that we could have waited for her to grow up and then do it. I guess no right or wrong in all this as the comments in the last post on this subject show.


Mama - Mia said...

pretty studs there!

i sued to have a perinnial problem of infection esp if i wore anything artificial. i stopped wearing earings long enough for the skin to get back! got it pierced again lot later and suddenly the infection disappeared too!

happy dressing up to anush!!



By Deepa and Supriya said...

nice!! and ofcourse looking fwd to pictures with all the pretty earrings...and tell anushka, that's a mighty fine rainbow!

Artnavy said...

hey orchid- here after a long time?? I will tell anush

mamam mia- my mom still has this allergy to non gold ear rings to this day

Subhashree said...

Looks very cute... Will surely do a meet at your place (now that the baitakh style living room looks so inviting:)). Lets tell the ladies and organise one.

Artnavy said...

hey that is nice of you subha

anush's bday is round the corner- maybe around that time ??

Choxbox said...

lil girls look ultra cute with tiny ear-studs :)